Wet bags are reuseable, machine washable *water-resistant bags. Basically they replace a plastic bag. So, anything you would have chucked in a plastic bag can go in a wet bag.


When I asked my customers how they explain a wet bag to their friends and family. The responses were varied but mostly people named the bags after what they were using it for: my laundry bag, swimming bag, gym bag, make-up bag, lunch bag, packing cells, nappy bag, shoe bag etc. But the one that stood out was:


"It's my EVERYTHING bag"


Tings have embraced this description as they really are everything bags. The uses are endless. With seven sizes to choose from and lots of pattern choices, we are confident Tings wet bags will make your life a little bit easier. Tings have you covered from your toothbrush up to your pillow.


*Our bags are water-resistant, not waterproof (the seams are not heat sealed). We’ve tested our bags with a soaking wet flannel (not wrung out) and it took four hours before the very bottom corner seams felt damp.

There are six options of sizing:

  • Cutlery/Toothbrush -  23.5 x 8cm - perfect for: cutlery, reusable straws or chopsticks, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup brushes, sunglasses, jewellery, medication
  • Small - 15 x 20 cm - perfect for: toiletries, make-up, reusable coffee cup, flannel, snacks, swimming hat and goggles, cell phone and keys, travel (passport size) ,tramping & camping, period products
  • Inbetweener - 20 x 25cm - perfect for: toiletries, technology, cables & charger, shampoo bottles, sunscreen, headphones, swimming, gym, reusable coffee cup, first aid kit, cell phone and keys, book or eBook, period products
  • Medium - 30 x 40cm - perfect for: swimming, gym, sports, travel, shopping (for the things you want wrapped separately), shoes, tramping & camping, lunch bag, daycare / school, nappies
  • Large (Drawstring or Tote) - 39 x 50cm - perfect for: swimming, gym, sports, travel, laundry, shopping, storage
  • Large (Square/Crossbody) - 40 x 40cm - perfect for: swimming, gym, sports, travel, laundry, shopping, storage
  • Extra large - 40 x 70cm - perfect for: laundry, camping (big enough for a pillow), sports, storage, family beach trips, gumboots, 'catch-all' for in the car boot
  • Duffle - 45 x 25cm - perfect for: swimming, gym, sports, travel, laundry, shopping, storage and overnight bag.

The bags are water-resistant, they’re designed to keep wet and dirty things away from dry/clean things.

We’ve tested our bags with a soaking wet flannel (not wrung out) and it took four hours before the very bottom corner seams felt damp. If you’re worried about leaking on a long trip – simply attach the bag to the outside of your travel bag with the snap fastening.

Fantastic question!

We can get at least six reusable nappies or two sets of clothes and a pair of shoes (for a 6 year old boy) in the smaller bag. Plenty more can fit in the larger size!

Yes you can!


Here's how:

Wet bags/swimming bags: Turn them inside out, throw them in the washing machine on a cold or warm wash. Do not use bleach. Dry inside out.


As the demand for wet bags grew, I gained a helping hand by teaming up with two reputable companies in China who I have been sourcing materials from since the beginning. They've been great, and together we make an awesome team. I design the bags (fabric patterns, dimensions, special features) and they do the sewing. Each and every bag is individually checked and packed by me to ensure we continue to deliver the quality product that Tings are renowned for.